For a brief video on installing custom scripts into the Think or Swim platform, please click HERE.

Think or Swim “All in One” Script/Scanner Package

This is the only Script/Scanner package you will ever need. Please view the PDF document to see everything that it provides, it is literally a game changer that we have developed for someone new to Think or Swim and looking to get everything they need all at once from data box overlays all the way to indicators. This package deal also includes 16 custom scanners that will provide you scanning abilities to scan for just about what ever you want.

For more information or to purchase this Script/Scanner Package, please click All In One Script Package

Price: $199.99


Think or Swim “Auto-Trendline” Script

Take automation to the next level. The Ascend Trading Auto Trendline script was made for those pattern traders who want an edge over the rest. Combine this with our “Auto-Fibonacci” script for a powerful automated system for all your Pattern/Support & Resistance needs. This script will give between 1-8 trendlines showing the most current as a solid line and previous as dashed for historical reference, it will give audible alerts on trendline breaks and even show you via an arrow the point at which the trend broke. Click open this PDF for a more detailed description.

For more information or to purchase this Script, please click Auto-Trendline

Price: $199.99


Think or Swim “Auto Fibonacci – Long Position” Script

This script will provide automatic Fibonacci Retracements for the time period selected making manually plotting Fibonacci a thing of the past and save you time. It is developed for Think or Swim. Label boxes show when price rises over each ratio by highlighting themselves and each Fibonacci bar is labeled by %. These labels can be turned off under script settings. This script uses the time periods High and Low as base points and is intended for long positions.

For more information or to purchase this Script, please click Auto-Fibonacci Script

Price: $34.99


Enhanced RSI & Enhanced Volume

The “Ascend Trading Enhanced RSI” script will function as normal RSI but with added perks. It will post Bull/Bear arrows at strategic Buy/Sell points based off a formulated equation within the script and give you visual and audible alerts when a Buy/Sell signal is detected. There are 4 types of alerts: Weak Sell, Strong Sell, Weak Buy, Strong Buy.


The “Ascend Trading Enhanced Volume” script is different from you normal volume bars. This script will show volume bars but also take into account “price-volume behavior” to detect “supply and demand” by using a standard deviation length and value to look for DPL’s(Defended Price Lines) which can mark Support and Resistance levels in volume throughout the chart. This allows you see future Support/Resistance levels before they happen.

For more information or to purchase this Script, please click Enhanced RSI & Enhanced Volume Script

Price: $74.99