I am a broken down 57 year old who got disabled. I don’t fit anywhere anymore so I started learning trading myself by reading and videos. I stumbled on Mr Frush and this Team of Traders, what a surprise to see honesty, integrity, and teamwork for free… I have learned so much by sitting in at night (SAD) and in the mornings and as many classes as I can. I don’t see how it’s possible. I truly thank you. I also made 125 on Stem trading small as I don’t have a lot yet. It will grow as long as I stay here.


Where do I even begin? Finding Cris’s stream has been one of the better things that has happen in life. I would like to thank Stockwits and XGTI for bringing me to Cris’s stream. Being part of this community that Cris has created has been and will be an awesome ride. Prior, to joining this stream I was running around with my head cut off and had no idea what I was doing in terms of stock trading. I lost couple of grand $ trading blindly not knowing what to look for, but now through Cris’s training I know some of the things to look for such as what is Ichimoku cloud or watching the money lines or watching the gap fills what to look for. Everyday I learn something new from Cris and the community. Words cannot describe the love I have for the family. One of the other things Cris does really well is he is not like other groups that charge you tons of money but never teach you anything, Cris is very patient and helps you understand why and what to look for in the graph. He also is constantly striving to make the community better place, there are different channels for everything . So take some check out our community and I am sure you will not be disappointed.


Chris (MrFrush24) started this stream with 5-10 followers at that time I didnt know a trendline from a priceline and sure as hell didnt know what a buy line was. Before I joined this channel my account would be up 100% one week and down 50% the next (from the original investment lol). I was able with Chris’s guidance and education to put trendlines and pricelines on the charts in the same companies I had been randomly losing and gaining on. Once i did this I knew when to buy and when to sell. Since then I have increased my positions steadily without the ups and downs of wins/losses. I have since been able to alert the room to several good runners and have confidence in my analysis of potential equities and in my plan for trading them. I most often can be found in the stock-yolotto_and subpenny room. I prefer microcaps to smallcaps as they seem to carry much less risk and provide the high % returns a small investor needs to cover their in and out fees. I think the room name suggests we are buying lottery tickets, I can assure you with the technical training tools Chris has given us that it is anything but a lottery. Feel free to drop by and say hello, ask questions or just hang out with us in the Yolotto room.


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Your only trading tool shouldn’t solely be a chat room, but the Ascend trading room is a smart addition to any trader’s arsenal. Great group here, always willing to help each other. Ideas, questions & answers, you’ll find all of that positivity here. This room is about empowering eachother to trade better. Compliment that with the voice channel, and you’ve got a pair of eyes in all corners of the market. Cannot recommend it here enough.


Finding this community has been the best thing since I started trading. To be able to be surrounded by so many people that have the same goals is priceless. The real-time Voice and Video streams to me are an absolute game changer, being able to see Frush talk about something and pull up a chart and explain what we’re looking at has helped me not only get better at charting, but also feel more confident in my abilities. In the 3 weeks since I’ve joined I’m right around 85% up and will not be surprised if i pass 100% this week. You guys have built something special here and I look forward to the years of making money and laughs as a team.


I was an uninformed trader that took my wife and my savings for our daughters college fund all in on CYTR and lost 75% of our money. Since then I have joined Ascend Trading and have learned a lot and benefited from their alerts. I am slowly working my money up day by day to be able to win my wife back and help my daughter get into at least a community college.

paul the gambler

I can’t even begin to describe what this community has done for me. Without going into details, they have gone above and beyond what anyone could even imagine. They take things to a new level of what family means in an community. I am eternally grateful and we will never forget what they’ve done for our family. Thank you to all the guys at Ascend Trading!


To anyone on the fence about this place… I’ve been here since may. Let me just say one thing. The alerts in here are phenomenal – it takes just a few minutes of being here to realize that, but what you get from here over time is something beyond that. Being a part of this community gave me an exceptional new perspective on the economy and the market as a WHOLE. This is something you take with you into your daily life. To have a group of people to share this knowledge with is a tool that is worth so much.


Awesome community, the support and people here are great, respectable and friendly. The Mods and Admins are very knowledgeable and well put together. Overall great group! Excellent job guys.


I started trading around 3 years ago without knowing anything about trading. I made crazy profit but I realized when I lost all $ earned plus large portion of my savings that how little I knew about trading. Two weeks ago, by chance, I found this group and I have been learning a lot and making some small gains. There are many things to learn but learning with this community without loosing feels good and secure.


This is the place to be, no bullshit, great people, and of course lots of big gains.


I started trading just this year and to be honest if I had never stumbled across @MrFrush’s post on ST back in April, I would probably be out of the game by now. He does a great job on teaching you how to read charts! I left the group for a few months but am happy to be back and to see how much this group has grown in such a short time. Everyone here is helpful and if you listen to what they’re saying you will be profitable in this highly stressful game.


Heres my bone guys..I’ve been trading since 1996..This is the real deal..Enjoy


I was extremely lucky when I started trading. The first day I started I began to look for a community of traders that would help me start trading. I went on reddit first, and then discovered stocktwits but what I really wanted was to find a stream. Well on stocktwits I saw a twitch link during the XGTI hype and it was a brand new streamer named Mr.Frush. I realized that there was no other stream anywhere at all… Mr.Frush was doing something that no one else was doing and he was interesting and insightful. He made stocks fun and as a result I started learning extremely fast and he made me want to be a part of this growing community and help make it bigger because I didn’t want to ever see Frush quit. Our goal was to get 100 users on discord at one point. Its grown far past that now. Everyone here is so close now, so helpful. It really is a family and if you stay close and stay active in the community, you really can make a ton of profits.


This is the fifth chat room I’ve joined – four free and one paid. This is the best freaking chat room by far! More activity and teamwork in one morning than all the others combined. Thank you.

Brad L

My first time trading an Ascending alert ever happened last week with NVCN. It was an overnight hold swing. Even though I sold way earlier than the chatroom alerted it. I was able to ride it form .66 (initial alert point) to .74/cents. Ascending held and sold all the way up to 80. but I was able to make 150% worth of my emerald membership. In my very first trade!!! Not only did I pay for my membership but I also had an extra 50 bucks. It’s not the fact that I was able to profit, but rather the experience of support from this community. Thank you so much guys @CamTheMan, @MrFrush.


Thank you to everyone for this group. It’s honestly a god send, best group ever. Made more money with this group than I did with GOONALERTS LOL.


This is the greatest stock site I have ever been on. The first stock I ever played was NVCN and made a 65% return. There is no bullsh$$ here, only true professionalism. They have great learning videos and an awesome voice chat…Just too much to list, glad I’m part of the Family, soon I will be green.


This past month was big in terms of gains for me, helped me get closer to starting amount!! Thanks to this team.