I am a broken down 57 year old who got disabled. I don’t fit anywhere anymore so I started learning trading myself by reading and videos. I stumbled on Mr Frush and this Team of Traders, what a surprise to see honesty, integrity, and teamwork for free… I have learned so much by sitting in […]


Where do I even begin? Finding Cris’s stream has been one of the better things that has happen in life. I would like to thank Stockwits and XGTI for bringing me to Cris’s stream. Being part of this community that Cris has created has been and will be an awesome ride. Prior, to joining this […]


Chris (MrFrush24) started this stream with 5-10 followers at that time I didnt know a trendline from a priceline and sure as hell didnt know what a buy line was. Before I joined this channel my account would be up 100% one week and down 50% the next (from the original investment lol). I was […]


Thanks to the whole Ascend Trading team today for helping turn my account from a $3k loss to a $4k profit!!! @MrFrush and @Eddie Money and the whole team are professional, knowledgeable & overall amazing traders!!!


Your only trading tool shouldn’t solely be a chat room, but the Ascend trading room is a smart addition to any trader’s arsenal. Great group here, always willing to help each other. Ideas, questions & answers, you’ll find all of that positivity here. This room is about empowering eachother to trade better. Compliment that with […]


Finding this community has been the best thing since I started trading. To be able to be surrounded by so many people that have the same goals is priceless. The real-time Voice and Video streams to me are an absolute game changer, being able to see Frush talk about something and pull up a chart […]


I can’t even begin to describe what this community has done for me. Without going into details, they have gone above and beyond what anyone could even imagine. They take things to a new level of what family means in an community. I am eternally grateful and we will never forget what they’ve done for […]


To anyone on the fence about this place… I’ve been here since May. Let me just say one thing. The alerts in here are phenomenal – it takes just a few minutes of being here to realize that, but what you get from here over time is something beyond that. Being a part of this […]


Awesome community, the support and people here are great, respectable and friendly. The Mods and Admins are very knowledgeable and well put together. Overall great group! Excellent job guys.


I started trading around 3 years ago without knowing anything about trading. I made crazy profit but I realized when I lost all $ earned plus large portion of my savings that how little I knew about trading. Two weeks ago, by chance, I found this group and I have been learning a lot and […]