Welcome to Ascend Trading

Welcome To Ascend Trading


Thank you for visiting Ascend Trading. Ascend Trading is a community of traders and investors of all skill levels that work together as a team to help each other become better traders and investors. The Ascend Trading Team is a group of Admins, Moderators and Analysts that specialize in Day-Trading, Swing-Trading, Options, ETF’s, Futures, Forex and much more.  This team is a group of traders with years of experience in the market.  We are dedicated to giving you all the tools and knowledge you need to improve your trading skills. With live interaction daily, your questions will be answered immediately and thoroughly. Our goal is to communicate as fast and efficiently as possible allowing us to make quick and informed trading decisions and capitalize on opportunities. Whether you are a new or experienced trader, Ascend Trading provides a fresh perspective on what it means to work as a team in these market conditions. Come join our trading community and contribute to making Ascend Trading even better. Our goal and mission is to make you a better trader.
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The communities primary means of communication is through our Discord chat server “Ascend Trading Room”. We currently have over 4,400 registered traders on our chat with 100’s of active traders on daily. This is where the team discusses what is currently happening across the market in real time through live text and voice chat. Our discord server also provides an amazing chat bot that provides real-time charts, prices, halts, news articles, and much more to help you trade and communicate your trade ideas.


The team also provides numerous other beneficial services to our members such as, live stream of the market, SMS/TXT-Alerts, Blastoff Scanner Screen Share, Educational Live Stream Classes, even a full featured trading platform “Ascend Trader”, and is planning to provide other useful resources and services in the future.


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Ascend Trader

Ascend Trading is proud to bring you “Ascend Trader”, a full-featured trading platform that provides real-time charting, level 2 data, paper trading, and for international traders, real money trading. The Demo Request Link can be found below. Please fill out the request form and we will get you setup for a demo as soon as possible.

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